Here are some tips on how to print an article .pdf file.

Articles print nicely straight out of your browser.

Do you want to print hints like this one?

Before you print, decide if you want all the hidden hints to print. Open each one by clicking the blue triangle. Then go ahead with printing.

You probably want to reduce the print scale down to around 80% of full size to get a nice result. Start by setting the scale to 80%. You do this in your browser’s File: Print dialog box.

Example: Mac running the Chrome browser

This is what the Print dialog box looks like on my Mac running the Chrome browser. Your browser will have something similar.

Open the Print dialog. The default scale is 100%. At 100% the article prints a little too big and takes more paper than it needs to.

Open the “$+$ More settings” link so you can see the Scale setting.

Set the scale down to 80%, or whatever suits your fancy. Choose which pages you want to print. You may want to print just the article and not the comment section. Print the article to paper.

If you want a .pdf file, change the print destination to “pdf file”. Continue on with Save and pick a file name for your .pdf file.