Introduction — Simplicity, abstraction, discipline, intent


Logic — basic gates AND OR NOT XOR

NAND and NOR gates

Logic gates — summary of gate symbols

Universal gates — your first logic puzzle

Logic identities

DeMorgan’s theorem — a logic superpower

DeMorgan’s theorem in action

DeMorgan’s theorem for basic gates

Assertion — high/low, on/off, active, asserted


  • Karnaugh map (Car’-naw) - graphical simplification

Bits as commands

Bits as symbols

  • $2^n$
  • bytes
  • distance
  • Gray code - distance 1 code

Bits as numbers

  • Binary numbers, octal, hexadecimal
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

Bits as memory

  • Digital memory - cross-coupled inverters
  • SR flip-flop with NAND and NOR
  • Flip-flops — D, T, JK


  • Introduction
  • Shift register
  • Johnson counter
  • Binary counter
  • Carry chains
  • Linear-feedback shift register

Electrostatics $\qquad$ Spinning Numbers